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Educational Workshops

BHI organizes regular educational workshops and seminars focusing on sexual reproductive health for young people in Nigeria. These workshops cover topics such as contraception, STI prevention, menstrual hygiene, and gender equality.

Advocacy Campaigns:

BHI engages in advocacy campaigns to promote policies and practices that support sexual reproductive health and women’s rights in Nigeria. This may involve lobbying government officials, organizing rallies, and using social media to raise awareness and mobilize support.

Safe Spaces

BHI relies on financial support to sustain their programs and initiatives. You can make a monetary donation through various channels, such as online platforms, bank transfers, or mailing a check. Reach out to BHI directly to inquire about their preferred donation method and instructions.

Project Inception Meting (3) - 20th March 2023
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Voice for Women Rights!

The BHI’s team is made up of fierce, passionate, and innovative young leaders who courageously address sociocultural norms that are inimical to women’s rights and human dignity.

Our Impact

As a result of BHI outreach activities, more young people have become assertive and proactive on issues of Gender Based Violence especially rape and sexual harassment.

Our History

BraveHeart Initiative for Youth and Women was initiated by Priscilla Ikos Usiobaifo on August 26th, 2002 as a youth development Club carrying out skills training for youths


We achieve our plans by building capacity while raising awareness to address young people’s issues


BHI continues to facilitate the successful convictions of persons involved in sexual abuse

Our Inititiatives

Below are some of our initiatives which we have done so far.

Project Inception Meeting (1) - 20th March 2023
Project Inception
Village square Dialogue on 31st August 2023 (2)
Village Square Dialogue
Consultative Forum 3 - 24th March 2023
Consultative forum

We are a youth-led, youth-focused, leading feminist organisation advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people and promoting women’s rights in Nigeria.

recent projects

Campaign aimed at raising awareness about menstrual hygiene management among young girls and women in rural communities.

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Latest Publications

Our Very Latest Publications.

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Our address

 Behind Alafia Specialist Clinic, Off Afekhai Street, Igarra, Edo state, Nigeria

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