BHI’s specific focus is to empower young people through these programmes:

* Awareness Creation

* In School Outreach & Out School Outreach

* Stakeholder Forum

* Community Dialogue

* Advocacy

* Interventions

* Training

Outreach: We Specialize and focus on Sexuality education which covers Health & Rights, Peer Education, Feminism, Gender and Leadership amongst other topics. We work with young people in selected secondary schools and also the out-of-school youth.

Training: We provide platforms for young people to build their capacity and skills. These include knowledge Building and Income Generating Activities.

SRHR Service Provision: We carry out rape interventions and provide sexual and reproductive health services to young people and women.


At BHI, young people design, execute, lead and implement all the processes and systems that involve creating social change. Our staff is a team of young people (largely between 16 – 35) who work both part time and full time, with an active volunteer base yearly.