BraveHeart Initiative’s Executive Director (Priscilla Usiobaifo), as well as the Knowledge Management Officer (Anita Graham), have both been nominated for the 120 Under 40 Family Planning Leadership Award.

It is an award that recognizes leaders under the age of 40yrs making a difference in reproductive health worldwide.

It is a highly competitive award and involves online public voting. The voting period is limited, the earlier the BEST.

To vote
♻ Using either a Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser.
♻ Click the link below
♻ Register on the platform with your email (gmail account is faster)
♻ Vote for nominee✅

It is required to create a voter account and log in to vote. 👍

For Priscilla :-

For Anita:-

As a voter, you can vote for as many nominees as you like, but only ONCE per nominee. 👏👏👏